Thermal drone video capture

The Portable Anomaly Detector (PAD), a unique universal AI imaging solution

The P.A.D., created by Arteka, is a mobile, fully autonomous solution for live video and image analysis by AI without an internet connection (Patent pending). 

The solution can be used anywhere in the world with a simple click. Just turn it on and it works!

A touch interface offers to the user the possibility to easily change the current AI model.

A unique and universal solution that can analyze video streams from different video sources: thermal cameras, sports cameras, surveillance cameras, satellite streams, medical cameras (endoscopy for example), drones... both visible and invisible (thermography).

Easy to use, the tablet can answer many of your problems in terms of live video analysis by AI.

RGB drone video capture

The "Bladder-PAD" project

The Bladder-PAD project is led by Professor Fabien Saint (Urology-Transplantation Service) of the CHAU Amiens Picardie/University Picardie Jules Verne. The aim is to use the Artéka algorithm and the P.A.D. to detect early bladder tumors directly during endoscopy and to determine their grade. Clinical trials are underway.

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